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Innovative DIY Accent Wall Ideas

House and Garden recently posted some fantastic and innovative DIY accent wall ideas for a feature wall that you can easily replicate in your own home.

You can check out all of their ideas here. These are a few of my favorites:

Mosaic tile isn’t just for the kitchen and bathrooms, use it as an accent in your bedroom to add depth and texture to your plain walls.

Love the look of wallpaper but scared of the commitment (or price)? Why not frame a large sample of it above your bed… or even frame a piece with a cork backing in your office space for a cork board that doubles as a piece of art?

Nothing beats the effortless look of a gallery wall. Try finding interesting prints from artists on Etsy or even at your local art show or craft fair. Your gallery wall will feel more authentic if you’re not using a bunch of reproduced art that’s hanging in thousands of homes around the world.

This painted harlequin pattern is not for the faint of heart (or the beginner DIYer), but it’s certainly worth the hard work. Talk about a statement.

Who says art has to be painted on a canvas? Think outside of the box and use ordinary household items. These plates would be a fun way to add 3D art to a kitchen or dining room, you could even use brightly painted utensils, office supplies, keys, etc. 

Here’s a faux art piece that’s painted right on the wall, which would be an easy hour or two project that still makes an impact in a space. Just stencil your favorite pattern in a thick stripe. I would recommend trying to use the rule of thirds.. meaning don’t put your stripe right smack in the middle of the wall.

Now your accent wall can be alive.. literally. Create a wall collage using potted plants or even small terrariums. This would be great for small apartments where space is limited.

Which one of House & Garden’s focal wall ideas is your favorite?

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