7 Unique Ways to Use Black and White Stripes in Your Home

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I absolutely adore interior design inspired by all things French. My biggest obsession that I will love until the day that I die is the black and white stripped trend. It’s just so bold but classy and has so much stinkin’ character, I can’t handle it.

black and white stripes in home decorHere are 7 unique ways you can use black and white stripes in your home:

1. Large Piece of Furniture

If you’re fully committed to the trend like I am, than I say, “go big, or go home!” Why not try the pattern on a large scaled piece of furniture like a loveseat or accent chair? Talk about a cute conversation piece!


2. Window Treatments

Look how in both pictures the black & white stripe window treatments instantly makes the room look more classy and interesting. Typically I like a thick horizontal stripe on drapes but the 2nd picture with the thin vertical stripes makes the room look taller and more feminine.windowsdrapes

3. On Your Walls

A stripe is a great way to bring some interest to an accent wall. I love that you could bring an accent wall into any room whether that’s an office or your bathroom! Think outside the lines (punny!) and make the stripes with other elements other than paint such as tile, a tapestry, painted wood, or wallpaper. Or you could even make the stripes a different width, run them vertical, or put it on the ceiling!walltile

4. On your Floors

I’m a big fan of rugs that are geometric, bold, and/or neutral color palettes so a black & white striped rug or runner would be the perfect 3-in-1 kicker! It’s a great way to introduce a big scale pattern in the room without feeling like it’s overwhelming the space.stairsrug

5. Outdoors

Why not bring the trend outdoors and introduce it on your patio? You could go as simple as black and white striped pillows or really pack a punch and choose patio furniture with the print.outdoorsawning

6. On the Bed

I love when bedrooms feel feminine, soft, serene – the very definition of French decor. The black & white stripe can be used in small amounts on a coverlete at the end of the bed, in your pillows, or on your bedskirt.


7. In your Accessories

The easiest way to introduce the trend? How about in small amounts around the home in your accessories. This is noncommittal and easy to mix in with other colors and patterns.basketthrowpillowsbench


So what do you think? How would you incorporate the black & white stripe in your home? Are you fully committed or need to start small with an accent pillow or 2? Tell me about it in the comments section below and follow me on Pinterest for more home decor inspiration!


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1. Sofa // Chair
2.  Shades // Drapes
3. Wall // Tile
4. Stairs// Rug
7. Baskets // Throw // Pillows // Bench

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