Tickle Me Tuesday

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Hi everyone 🙂 I just needed a laugh today so I ventured out to find some humor and found too many funny things not to share. If you have any favorite jokes or humorous videos/pictures, please share in the comments section. The longer you stare at him, the funnier it gets. He looks terrified to […]

Les Crepes Recipe

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So all this talk of French things has got me craving these babies: Scrumptious I’m actually talking about the macarons and desserts but those shoes are yummy too. Since macarons are far too difficult to make, I will make the next best thing. Crepes. Yum. Now these are no ordinary crepes. They are my multi-purpose […]

French Wardrobe

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How to Dress Like the French I’ve always heard that, in general, the United States is a solid FIVE years behind France in their fashion. Five years is a long time! That means that they are probably not still shoving their baggy sweat pants into their furry Ugg boots. What’s that? That was never in […]

French Decor

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I studied Interior Design in school so I have become very familiar with all styles of decor. When I look at decor I have no problem saying “I like that, I don’t like that ” but it has always been difficult to describe to others what my design style is, “uhh.. eclectic? modernish but vintage? feminine but bold?”After many […]