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Quick and Easy DIY Dog Bed

I have been on the hunt for a good dog bed for the last couple of weeks. I wanted something that would be big enough to fit both husky ladies, have a removable/washable cover, and be comfortable. Is that too much to ask? Well apparently it is because every bed we found that met the criteria was $60 or more (and I’m talking Walmart’s prices here). While standing in the middle of Walmart’s aisle complaining how I’m not paying $50 for foam and some cheap fabric, it hit me eureka! I can do it myself, and so can you. Here is an easy tutorial to creating your own DIY Dog Bed!

Quick and Easy DIY Dog Bed using memory foam. Dogs love it and it costs under $30!

DIY Dog Bed Supplies:

  • Memory Foam Mattress Pad ($12-$18)

  • Beach Towel ($8-$12)

  • Strip of Velcro ($0.85)

Pictured below is the full-size mattress pad ($12) which would work great for a medium sized bed but I wanted it bigger so I exchanged it for the queen size ($18) and opted for the oversized beach towel ($12).

Supplies for making your own DIY Dog Bed. Super easy tutorial.
Easy Peasy Steps:

  1. Fold your towel in half inside-out then sew up the 2 sides.
  2. Fold the queen mattress pad twice (so there are 4 layers of memory foam) and put it inside the case
  3. Secure the flap down by folding over the excess flap and attaching your velcro.

You can opt to sew or glue your velcro on or buy the type that already has the adhesive attached. I decided to sew mine on so with the foam still in, I pinned the velcro down exactly where it should go, took out the foam then sewed a quick line down each strip.

Easy DIY Memory Foam Dog Bed Tutorial on
Before I let the dogs try out their new bed, I had to try it out. Seriously? This thing is comfier than my own bed but I guess that’s what 3 layers of memory foam will give you! Overall the dog bed cost me $30 and can be completed while watching one episode of New Girl, plus I got to pick out which cover I wanted, it has a washable cover, and the dogs LOVE it.  I literally had to drag Ruby off her bed to make her go outside yesterday when she’s usually the one that has to drag me off the couch to take her outside.

Easy DIY Memory Foam Dog Bed Tutorial on
Easy DIY Memory Foam Dog Bed Tutorial on
Easy DIY Memory Foam Dog Bed Tutorial on

Pretty easy! Let me know if you give it a try 🙂

24 thoughts on “Quick and Easy DIY Dog Bed

  1. I ran a Google search for DIY foam dog beds and yours was the first to pop up! Imagine my delight. We’re in the process of making a mattress for Chance’s new dog bed. He’s also an English bulldog. 🙂

    We know a number of bullies on the net, some named Rosie, others named Ruby, but couldn’t remember for sure if we’d met you. Either way, hello!

  2. I was looking for a mattress foam pad for my dogs beds and decided to go into the store just to see what else they had there but when I got there the prices were different then online. So I bought the same foam mattress pad from (the prices are way cheaper online) I got one twin size for $8 and since both the full and queen ones were $10 online I went with the bigger size, of course. Hope this helps somebody.

  3. Thanks Natalie! Great post. I took my memory foam topper off my bed when we moved and I was thinking of what to do with it when the dog bed idea popped in my head. So I googled it and yours was first to pop up. I was thinking of going and getting some material but the beach towel is a great idea. I have plenty of those to so this project will cost me less then a dollar! Sure beats prices of these cheaply made, over priced beds in the stores!!

  4. Thanks Natalie! I just made two of these for my beagles today. It’s a great, economical idea and the dogs love them!

    1. Yay, Kim! I’m so happy to hear you tried my DIY and that your two sweet beagles enjoy them 🙂 Rosie and Ruby love theirs too.. I’m sometimes jealous of how comfy they are 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hi Alicia!

      Thanks for stopping by! I don’t think there’s really a way to clean the foam interior. You can buy zip on linings made for pet beds that are waterproof and are supposed to keep odors out as well, then you would just put your cover over it. I know I’ve seen them at Target for about $10.

      Hope that helps 🙂

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  6. Hi, I have been searching for a dog bed and then came across the one you made! Apprx. what is the finished size of the bed? Did you tie anything around the mattress pad to keep it together or just hold it and shove it in the beach towel? Also, did you fold it right sides together or wrong sides together? Does he lay on the smooth part or the bumpy part of the pad, trying to figure out which way to fold it.I really want to try this for our boxer. Thanks for your help.

    1. I haven’t had any issues with it! I did sew the velcro on so I think it keeps it on pretty well plus I make sure to match the velcro up as best as I can so there isn’t any area exposed for the hair to stick! Hope that helps 🙂


  7. Absolutely BRILLIANT idea – I have a large black lab/pit bull mix and have been agonizing about how to get him a comfy bed without breaking the bank. This is such a great idea and simple. First I thought about buying a baby mattress but your idea seems much more comfortable for him. And using a towel is genius – why do dogs like towels so much??? Both my dogs love to sleep on them!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. I found a 4″ thick king size memory foam topper for $20 so i plan on fixing a bed i have, but i am in the process of making a frame for our dog bes which is a baby crib matress and i will put the foam topper that i cut ontop and make a cover just another suggestion!

  9. I did mine with towel on clearance for $3.00 and queen size memory foam mattress my son was’ t. Using anymore but I made 4 bed s using each a $3.00 towel and foam mattress on 2and 2old pillows on the other 2

  10. Great idea and love your bulldogs. I also have a spoiled beautiful white female bulldog that chews all her beds. Great article. You are very clever.

  11. Definitely trying this out if I get to adopt this bulldog Goliath! Fingers VERY crossed! (Name says it all on his size!) I have clear unused shower curtains- plan on waterproofing the foam and then possibly adding a “pillowtop” style to the underside of the fabric (so it can be washed) Thanks so much for the idea!!! HOPEFULLY returning with an updated post on Goliath’s adoption and a finished product for a soon to be spoiled bulldog!!:)

  12. I love your idea! It’s great for hairy dogs because it’s hard to get hair out of all other fabrics. My dogs love the bed. But since I have 5 dogs I think I need to make another one lol! Thanks for the idea!!

  13. I made a memory foam bed for my big man , I used a throw and a some of the memory foam I had. So Deb decides all the way around then added my Velcro I thought about a zipper but no I didn’t velcro part it’s hard to get him in bed because he has skin allergies so I have to use certain things but now this was the easiest thing I’ve ever done thanks very much

    1. Yay so glad you liked it Kim! Our doggies love their beds and they’re so easy to take off and wash and replace again!

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