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10 easy DIY Artwork Ideas (No Art Degree Required)

Last week’s post,  Easy and Affordable DIY Wall Decor Ideas, included unique ideas on how to dress up your walls using everything from vintage suitcase shelving to painting a geometric pattern on the walls. Looking back I realized none of the ideas really had actual artwork, like framed or canvas kind of artwork so I compiled a few of my favorite DIY artwork ideas which are easy custom pieces you can make without breaking a sweat.
1. Paint a simple design on a handwritten letter, a page from an old book, or your favorite song’s sheet music.
painting over hand written letters or old book pages?
2. Frame your favorite wallpaper samples, fabric, or scrapbook paper 
3. Frame or mount a paper maché taxidermy animal or even a stuffed animal (how about your favorite childhood stuffed animal?)
Animal-friendly taxidermy in various forms, haha! This is actually a great place to find alternatives to just traditional paper mache techniques. I love the one that uses small layering of paper for a fur / feather effect - great for a texture lesson!!picture frame
4. Collect a variety of fake (plastic or paper) flowers, attach to a canvas and spray paint one color. I love how the white brings out the details of the flowers but you could even do an ombre effect from top to bottom.

Spray paint faux flowers one colour and attach to a canvas.

5. Love this little tutorial on how to show some state pride our perhaps where you fell in love, too bad for those of us from Wyoming or Colorado who just get a rectangle haha 

6. Frame something unconventional like shopping bags  or pages from your favorite book (the Shel Silverstein pages shown below would be perfect in any nursery)
Frame an Everyday Object for Simple ArtFramed shopping bags

7.  When filling a large wall space with multiple frames, keep the art subject uniform by using prints from the same collection like with these botanical prints found in my momma’s living room.

DIY Botanical Prints

8. Frame portions of a monochromatic fabric (fabric pictured is from IKEA) then use a marker or paint to fill in different shapes  in each photo.

CIY Artwork: Color in fabric for cheap and easy artwork ::

(Tutorial on: Happiness is Creating)

9. Use those free paint swatches to create a cheap but impactful work of art. You could go as large as covering an entire wall  or scale it down to a picture frame.
DIY I Home I Interior  I Wandgestaltung I RAL I Pantone I Art I Do it yourself I Things we love - Design-DeliPaint swatch wall art. Supplies: large frame with paper insert,  paint chips, double-sided tape squares  and vinyl letters.  Experiment with the color layout  and start attaching double-sided tape  to each corner of each paint chip.  Continue until you’re happy  with the result  and display your creation.
10. Find an old painting at a thrift store, place sticker letters over the painting to form a fun quote, paint the whole canvas white, then peel the stickers off when the paint dries.

old thrift store painting-make a pattern with tape or letters and paint over, remove letters or tape and new art!


You can find the sources and links to the full tutorials on my DIY Wall Décor Pinterest boardHave any other ideas? Please share!

Happy crafting,

5 thoughts on “10 easy DIY Artwork Ideas (No Art Degree Required)

  1. “5. Love this little tutorial on how to show some state pride…” …where is the tutorial???

    1. Thanks Sandy! Unfortunately it looks like the original source has been deleted from Pinterest but I did find this pin that seems to have more details. Looks like they just cut out the state shape from a map and used that to set their pins, then used string to wrap.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Love the paper/plastic flowers on canvas, but where can I purchase the clear acrylic box that encloses the design?

  3. I would love to try this but where can you get the clear acrylic box cover from to enclose my work ???

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